I started as a self-taught photographer at the age of fifteen with an Olympus SZ-10-type camera.
For my early stages with this camera, my main subject then was macrophotography, as I needed to learn the bases of photography from courses and tutorials on the web. A few years later, I invested on a Canon 600d box to gain more experience. At that stage I realized I had a passion for marine landscape photography, which was to become my favorite theme.

All along my visits in European cities such as Berlin, London, Paris, New York and Venice, I discovered the pleasure of travelling on my own and concentrating entirely on different cultures, hoping to share my experience and my pictures.

Urban and architectural photos also inspire me. I like to admire a town awaking in the early morning, and walk in the city still drowsy. Thus I can catch the best lights. I also spend a lot of time on ‘Photoshop’ and ‘Lightroom’ to polish up my picture, create an atmosphere and try and share an emotion.

In 2015 I took a photography course at the Wazemmes Center of Arts in Lille, and met a number of professional photographers who taught me to set my themes.like « Movements » shown at the Wazemmes Center of Arts, and « Shore » which aimed at showing a series in long pose on a theme called « between sea and rock ».

In the future I wish to present my work in various galleries, and travel around the world in search of original themes linking technique and photographic creativity.


Behance photography : Wanderlust
March 2019 : Exhibition at Mons en Baroeul « Flâneries Urbaines »
Fubiz : A journey to London
Fisheye Magazine : Coup de Coeur
l’Oeil de la Photographie : Séries Loneliness & Humans
October 2017 : Exhibition at Gallery Labo3G of Lille : Série Humans & Movements
August 2021 : Ourculturemag : série Fragments
September 2021 : Exhibition at 111arts